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THE MISSING ANGEL by Stanley Egeonu

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I pass by Catherine
At the rail station
She stood curiously
Yet ready to go
Whose tent she ought passing the weekend?
It’s friday
And 10pm ticks my clock

Often sat and wondered
Seems rainy but clouded
Wind wooing
Cricket chirping
Night bats flocking
Buses zooming randomly
Neither one stoodby
And say hi

Here goes
As she rises
Completely plundered and miserable
Few footed distance
I glance each scenery
But who will comfort her
For the weekend?

The heaven burst loose tears
Wash her off her feet
She murmors,
All for the dripping heavenly tears

Like the garret bell
My heart reasonates
Felt her ordeals
My stationed clock now 12pm
Walking status ceased
Traffick blinking
Green green
Yet no response to Cathrina

Oh! Cathrina
She has stood quite long
Shivering in phobia
Darkness in the hood
Night children wandering
Up down the coves
Who will take her home
For dinner?

I gave in a little walk
Off the hide out
Pitty mellowed thought
A heart to accomodate
Hands to feed
And warmth
All through the gauntlet night

Cathrina, Cathrina
Bawls out her spot
No sign or trail
No one has ever seen her
She’s gone
Gone to the wind
Nowhere to be found….

THE MISSING ANGEL by Stanley Egeonu
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