THE HAIKU CHALLENGE by Fr. Albert Jungers

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The Haiku is another simple form that teaches techniques highly valuable in poetry. It has precise rules that are regularly made and broken, but it remains accessible to all.

It is a non rhyming poem of three lines 5, 7, 5, usually nature oriented, with a seasonal word, a “cutting” word or phrase in the middle, and an ending that shifts.

That is the classic form, but the masters have introduced variations thereto.

I have seen the word freedom used in ways that are highly disturbing.

The Haiku is like a Brownie Instamatic snapshot. At its soul a Haiku is a religious experience, akin to the Zen that produced and embraced it, opening the wonder of creation in a single picture.

Haiku are also irreverent, born of the floating world and drinking parties in which they originated.

Japanese is not like English or Naija, there are many puns the do not readily translate.

Here is a non-traditional Haiku, that I hope may help clear the air:

Your freedom to fart
Is an undisputed fact
But winds blow my way

Anyone up for a Haiku challenge?

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