Read Time:50 Second [The Eagles’ Path]
on carting wheels they ride
amidst shoulder high foes
who pride with yester-glory
yea! they ride off
to get the rope of victory
around standing necks

the eagles’ path unthreaded
braiding the teethed boots
to roll away stones to nested nets
a glittering gold gift
held up in undaunted palms
blessed by Oluwa.

along the rocky paths
poring ditches with claws
to ensnare the woven boots of foes
endless sweat that blows trumpet
filling the street with echoes
let the eagle soar!

the green land throws support
and earthen pots on heated fire
to back the shooting arrows
NIGERIANS says traffic is green
EBELE says journey mercies
ZEE says “go EAGLES, go”

go get the golden medallion
refined in Judah’s mine
under shaded trees of BRASS HILL
go get the trophy and make us proud.
make our papa’s smile again
and our young clap untiring hands

Written by: Osemwengie Osaigbovo Zion

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