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THE DESECRATORS by Olusegun M. Lawal

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If the taught might be moral
The rain of heart would have beautify the gold
nobody knows what to anticipate
Thats what they are saying till they defile the land

Happiness have shot via the eyes of men
while loss of life has been referred to as to make a desire
A nagging headache pictures via the land
So I communicate to make my silence

after I attain the shrine of intellect
where the depraved boast of glory
What came about to the toad
Who smiled on its way to the soup?

Even within the land of unquestionable gods
Norms nevertheless a long away from the reality
ought to we now be like a bat
Who is aware of how the opposite birds flies, but selected to go downward

My blood boils
not to see the heaven’s fall
now not to look that moon produce tears
however to be happy at the cease of the fog

The deceit has sown its clothes
You do not need to charge, you do not need to pay
The essence of experience in self
Will determine how the coronary heart renew goals

actual intentions shows now not in eyeballs
large coronary heart no longer glows in chest
What you believe you studied,  what you sense
What you contact are occasionally no longer real

They hide the fact to be told
in spite of everything, none sees the shadow stood their feet
The potters pot the arena
The lungs echoes its tail

The hill fitness of the tiger
Lies in the gut of the antelope
Unknown being has been round
Their undercover agent spices the soup

Agba to dori kodo
I shall say what I recognize
To accept as true with is the sport of choice
because it’s miles the primary mobility to sadness

The target audience are unvoiced
Their steps have been changed
All they wants is fame
with a view to handiest in distress

THE DESECRATORS by Olusegun M. Lawal