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Read Time:2 Minute, 4 Second [The Day Is Coming]
Today I stand alone, of my people.
I sense that others also see in full
Yet cannot speak of what they see,
Afraid it may come to be.

This day have I seen desolation and ruin
In the Land divided by Rivers between!
And no power of good is bold to fight it,
Their tongues embrace silence in fear of it!

The hypocrites make passing utterances,
Mere platitudes of peace and tolerance!
This day I saw wickedness and treachery,
Destruction of the innocent and free!

My strength alone cannot this evil stay;
I am just one woman, I can only pray
That the Righteous King put forth His hand
To stem the evil tide ravaging my land!

My pen must now do what my arm cannot;
It must say what my tongue dares not.
Perhaps words on paper may inspire men
To speak out and fight the evil then!

Perhaps it may prompt their hearts to reject
The evil that drags and pulls; to eject
The evil that corrupts with filth and covers
In the Land divided only by Two Rivers!

I have seen a Man Deity ascend with might,
Risen from the Darkness disguised as light!
I have seen a great treachery
The self styled Royals’ sorcery

Now I wish for the tongue of a Prophet
That this dark evil my words may buffet;
Oh! For the strength of a thousand warriors
To battle the Man Deity’s dark horrors!

I wish for light in my people’s hearts,
Weary hearts deceived by the Dark arts.
I wish for the company of men, not fools
Who can see the evil disguised in full,

That we might form a brigade of hearts
Immune to the Man Deity’s dark arts.
But none of these things is given me;
Alone in pain and sorrow, I see

The Man Deity weaving as the spider.
He weaves a web of deceit to wander
And the hearts of my people he ensnares;
Tainting innocence, their hearts he spears

But my people have called him forth
The Man Deity by mediocre thought.
The people called to him in ignorance
By their own greed and self indulgence.

They have called for the Darkness to fall,
The Man Deity has answered their call.
On the strands of the web, deception flows
And the enslavements of the heart grows.

Written by:  Lydia Abiodun
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson