THE AFRICAN PARENT by Kuti Israel Ifeoluwa

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The African Parent…
Incomparable are their good deeds
with uncountable knowledge acquired without a slate.
Creating proverbs without a tutor,
They teach their children the culture they’ve acquired.
The children are at ease living in their environment,
The African parent share the joy, passion, love, hatred and excitement.
She enters his house with her whole body intact,
She will never leave him in hard times.
She kept herself clean, untouched for her own husband.
She feared to be discharged and disgraced if found otherwise,
Oh!! Alas, what befell the African parents of this generation??
They accept injunctions and cultures from other peoples association.
They turned all the feared and sacred aspect of African marriage to superstition,
They tried to be what they aren’t,
Accepting the cultures brought without thinking.
She hardly keep her body before marriage,
And even dash it out to other partners after marriage.
The dignity and fear in African culture is at stake,
Oh!! Africa
Oh!!!! Africa,
What befell thine dignity,
Why have you sold your culture just for mirrors and umbrellas?
Your children hardly speak their mother tongue,
They wallow and rejoice in other people’s culture.
The whites can never be black,
Then why do the blacks struggle to be white?
They bleach and render their skin useless,
exposing it to distress and diseases,
If the struggle is in intelligence, it is better,
But low and behold, the struggle is in atrocities.
Rise up oh African youth and bring back the glory of an African parent……

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