SPIRITUAL EXERCISE by Benjamin Elemide

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Exercise of fasting:
Thirst for inspiration coated aspiration
Hidden in the seen, and unseen
Casted upon heart screen with colourful scenes;
Hunger of meanings in meaning
Explaining existence with the existing
Longing for refreshments in deserts
In quest to send void on errand from our ovoid reserve.

Exercise of prayer:
Dialogue of mind with sense beyond sense
Shadows of emotions casted by word light
Apprehension of thoughtful premonitions
Converse of soul in soul making with souls
Of language unknown to mind, known to reasoning
With new word-weaved tongues.

Exercise of meditation:
Revelation of words that kills, of sentences that fills,
In building spiritual edifices
With diverse inches blocks of figures,
Materials of parts and grammar,
Unlimited styles of creativity, in disagree to mediocrity,
Breaking boundaries to new perspectives.

Exercise of sacrifice:
Sacrifice of words on altar of wisdom,
By brevity, depth, and metaphoric playfulness.
Sacrifice of wisdom on virtual actions and reactions
To unravel mystery, teach reality in speech.
Sacrifice of speech on the mountain of truth
To prophesy future, remind events, and inform minds.

© Elemide Benjamin

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