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The seat of the caliphate was my destination,
and my stereotyped mind had no option
I emptied my heart of rumors and fear
but come what may, I was ready to bear

It was my maiden visit,
and welcoming was the sun’s rays
that poured on my flesh like hot coal

If my skin had a voice,
it would have screamed “take me home”
but “otondo no get choice.”

Day 1 of 26, and I was already a camel.
I was on my seventh bottled water
and my bladder was not moved.
The wind here was like it came from
the exhaust of a bike, and dislike
was all my body parts remark.

Could hell be beneath us?
the sun, like it was just 100 feet above us!

Sweat ran out of my pores,
like she was chased by an angry mob
and began evaporating like the
steam from a cooking pot

Soon we were saluted by flies,
Muscled, like they slept in the gym.
Our skin was their safe haven and refuge.
They followed everyone,
everywhere, like paid bodyguards.

Even raw eggs had to put on sunshades
to avoid been cooked by open oven
and passerby were too impatient to say hi
like they were ice too scared of melting.

Written by: Omorogbe Airsay
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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