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Civilians, oh civilians!
What are the deeds I have done
That you lash me with your tongues?
How did I earn this; to be stabbed at the back?
Tagged an alien by my own people!

Are we no more kins?
Why cast me out like a rebellious knight!
You smear me before the eyes of the world
With false words that traveled to foreign lands.
Now the world wants to interrogate me!

I was once a civilian!
I only drank from the fountain at the Rock of Aso
Where the corrupted masters of the colony dwell,
It spread into me and I’m drunk of corruption!
Drunk, my greed may not wane for thousand years!

Don’t despise my gun,
Don’t be ignorant, it gives power and pride!
Accidental discharge is not my fault
Your uncultured manner pulled my trigger
Besides I was ordained a cop, untrained

Listen neighbors
This is not a game, I’m not enjoying it
I am a man, my pride is my weakness
In my sober moments my conscience bites me
Yes, truths hide under my black dress

Please help me turn a new leaf

Written by: Sunday Moshood
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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  1. johncoyote – Michigan – A old Poet who enjoy reading and writing poetry. I tried to show people a better way than war and violence. We must seek peace for the sake of all children in our world.
    johncoyote says:

    Same thing would happen in the USA today. Obama’s new laws. Can be arrested without just cause. He changed the law last year. USA had many freedoms that many had died for that are gone. Thank you for the powerful poem and photo.

    1. Kukogho Iruesiri Samson – Abuja, Nigeria – I am a media professional with experience in multimedia journalism, book publishing, content creation, web management, public relations, media relations, social media management, and client relationship management. My interests include multi-platform content creation and management, media relations, digital and print publishing, and youth-oriented social services. I am open to middle-level positions in organizations that encourage innovation.
      Kukogho Samson says:

      The picture is just a tip of the ice berg Sir John..its much worse.

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