Read Time:53 Second [SO LONG, FRIEND]
To your gait of feline grace
To your elegance, peerless in human race
To the timeless nap you embraced’
To the memories of you, time cannot efface

To the World’s attention you engaged
To the courage in you to stand death’s rage
To your departure at a tender age
To every eulogy on that glorious stage

To the roof above you, I call grimes
To your lids shut to a new clime
To all BUKites bereft of dreamy times
To all Macosites, “you are a prime”

To the hymn of the end, a reason I wept
To genuine innocence that suddenly slept
To the beauteous countenance you’ve always kept
To the adieu we bid, yet inept

To the memories of you that I still detain
To the news of your demise that still drives me insane
To the thoughts of you that inflict in me pain
To the one wench with a special strain

Written by: Hassan Abdussalam

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I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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