Read Time:43 Second [Sleep]
You that shut the eyelids of men,
Noon, night and morning!
Night comes calling and you throw all
Into weariness, forcing your soft nipples
Into their mouth, shutting eyes!
Respecter of none, you close even regal eyes!

You that take men off guard,
Shutting their eyes, whether they will it or not;
You, alluring temptress that none can escape;
You the supernatural benefit for all;
You, magician that kills and restores to life;
You, brief Death that every man longs for!

The muscle of the mighty you make dormant,
With your, sweet gift freely bestowed,
Sought or unsought!
Men and the beast of the earth all bow
And open when you knock at their door.
Who can do without you?

Written by: Sam De Poet
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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