Read Time:1 Minute, 4 Second [Six Men Raped A rose]
Lankan army men raped Thamil girls
They placed shells in the girls’ wombs!
So many rivers have women names
Yet there are many, many rape cases!

A sandal wood poacher was in a forest
The police teams went with a warrant!
Much news came about rape and death
But the government said police are just!

Hanging a person is very rare news
Raping a child is very common news!
Six men gathered and plucked a rose
For Indians, this is not shocking news!

Here after animals can stand straight
It can teach us the wrong and the right!
Girls and women must be more alert
They must fight to get their legal right!

If a lone girl is raped in the bus station
Can we give a report in the police station!
If a child is gang raped in the police station
What is the use of keeping the constitution!

If a girl is gang raped in the tennis court
We can register a case in the lower court!
If she don’t get justice in the higher court
Let us play foot ball in the national ground!

Written by: Kannadasa Dasan
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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