SELFLESSNESS (a call to humanity by Jude Uchella)

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There is an appointed place for you to be,
a position that suits your personality.
There is an office calling on you to man,
a staff waiting for your plan.

There is a homeless child with nowhere to go,
except a home to him you’ll show.
There is a poor youth uncertain of the future,
And this you can help him nurture.

There is a boy in your class with poor grades,
others avoid him as if he has AIDS.
There is no better time to help this lad,
a gesture he’ll not easily discard.

There is a soul out there you need to win,
and rescue from the clutch of sin.
There is a message you need to preach,
that’ll prevent someone from entering a ditch.

There is an incentive you need to give,
to spur others to greatly achieve.
There is a speech you have to make,
to help one avoid a mistake.

There is an apology letter you have to write,
if you have gotten into a fight.
There is an ‘I’m sorry’ you have to say,
if you have wronged someone today.

There is a smile you should have on your face,
That those around will be happy always.
There is a positive attitude you need to have,
that your relationship with others will thrive.

There are a million things you can do,
to help millions of people, or few.
There is a reward for selfless service,
But only a few know this!

meet the poet: Jude Uchella

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