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RICH GIRL, POOR BOY (loving against the world)

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Rich Boy, Poor Girl

Come, my love, my nighttime soul mate.
I will wait for you in the darkened places,
Where prying eyes suffer blindness,
Where different tongues melt in darkness,
Yielding place to enraptured faces.

I will dine with you in downtown canteens
Where judging tongues lose their acid sharpness,
Where different purses blend into oneness,
Breeding pleasure in little, little things.

Come, my love, my late night sweetheart.
I will walk with you the deserted roads.
There, our love shall shed the caste-cast yoke
Plus the frowns and scowls that hatred stokes,
Causing passion to fade under man-made loads.

I will eat with you bare bread and fish.
Forget that my family is rich but you are poor,
We’ve left wealth and walls outside that door.
This is our world: it is as we wish!

meet the poet: Onileagbon Femi Amos