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This is not just another fine day,
For poets to be lyrically gay!

Shall we not with pens our anger vent,
Since our mandate they fail to represent?
Yes we shall, for that is the only way
That we, the powerless, can have our say!

We are all crumbled, crumpled up and torn
And a part of us has been crudely unborn.
Let the war of pens show the hurt in our tents
Seeking our Fathers’ lane, anger we must vent!

Though we write peace with our pen,
Sometime our words become like serpents.
But when our words become fierce serpents
They bite only the thieves, the unrepentant.

We’ll surely find a way out of their cage
When together, we put our pens on page!
So we wage our war, our pens on the blink,
Heart pounding, as we slowly run outta ink!

Lawal J. Ayub Coolgeezy
Ambrose Anton Writes
Emem Alexandra Akpan-Nya
Owokere A. Etim
Tshanda Sigwadi
Lawal J. Ayub Coolgeezy
Yommy Bishop
Jude Uchella
Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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