POET OF THE WEEK: RULES OF THE GAME by Alozor Michael Ikechukwu

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One at a time is the step of life
Take a leap when you get to a pit
Else, down the pit you’ll dive
When you resurface your bearing is lost.

Slow and steady is the race of life
Never look back ‘cos it’s lost and gone
When you meet setbacks, make a dive
Bypass it never leaving your lane.

As bold as the hawk you should be
Your eyes as sharp as the eagle’s
So all that walk your lane you can see
And promptly treat according to size.

Never overlook anything on your way
Never take those sweet spots the way they are
They’re never the best places if I may say
The regrets in loving them is not always far.

Never try to side-step any step
Never run away from the difficult spot
The next step is as important as the last step
Ignore it and all is lost.

As you strive to finish up the race
Be mindful of those on the way offering you water
Some kinds of water can set you ablaze
Remember there is nothing as late as later.

These are the rules of the game
Keep these rules
And you’ll rise to fame
The winner will be no one else but you.

Alozor Michael Ikechukwu hails from Anambra state, born in the mid 80’s in Lagos where he grew up to his mid teens.  At the age of 14, Alozor and his family moved to Imo state following his father’s transfer.
He was a teacher for three years before he joined the Nigerian Navy in 2005.
He attended the Nigerian Navy Basic Training School (NNBTS), Onne, Rivers state, the Nigerian Navy Finance and Logistic School (NNFLS), Owerrinta, Abia state and the Nigerian Navy Intelligence School (NNIS), Apapa Lagos state.
He intends to pursue a degree in Intelligence Gathering and Analysis and study the French language which he appreciates.
Alozor also holds a World Bible School (WBS) certificate and is an active member of Alliance Francaise.
His poems, which follow no definite structure or pattern, have been described by many as ‘deep’ focusing on the inner working of the human mind. Alozor employs a uniquely crafty technique in his writing and his quiet and reserved personality is a great influence visible in his verses.
According to him, his poems are “emotional escape routes.”

Alozor Michael Ikechukwu is a serving naval officer whose love for poetry and approach to it has never ceased to intrigue me. I have not yet found a name for his style which, though provocatively innovative and intriguing, is worth learning (that I am doing).

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