POET OF NO COUNTRY (by Eriata Oribhabor Poetry Prize Judge Mazi Chiagozie F Nwonwu)

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www.facebook.com/WRRPoetry [Poet Of No Country by Mazi Chiagozie F. Nwonwu
Poet of no country
I am a poet of no country
Those murmured words I treasure
Resounding beneath a measure
Reflect not anthems of ownership

Voices that bled reason
Hymns that echoed calm
Songs that seemed apt
Hold not my inclination

I am wind which sweep clean
Those Ills that louts bring
I change us back to restart new
I am poet of no country

Mazi Chiagozie F Nwonwu is a Lagos based freelance writer and editor. He writes non-fiction, science fiction, present reality and stories set in his world — the fictional Land of the Seven Hills. His non-fiction has appeared in local and international publications, both online and offline.
His fiction has been published by Storytime, African Writer, Sentinel Nigeria, Naijastories and others. He is currently trying to live up to his promise to review every African fiction he reads.

His short story collection Footsteps in the Hallway will be published in the first quarter of 2013 by Melrose books.

He blogs at fredrnwonwu.blogspot.com and publishes his reviews via Africanwriterstrust.com and 7venhillsmedia.

I started writing poetry before I discovered prose. I think poetry still comes to me more naturally, but despite popular opinion, it requires more hard work, especially if you are looking at producing quality poetry.

I think the major thing young poets need to know is that Spoken Word might sound beautiful in performance, but it hardly stands up to well structured poetry.

For, me, when I read poetry, I look at how much reason the poet is able to compress into it. I look at rhythm; I look at Rhyme, and then look for how much it speaks to me.

Good poetry can never be prose-like.

Mazi Chiagozie F Nwonwu is one of the judges of the Eriata  Oribhabor Poetry Prize

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