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We had our own white Christmas
When the hazy fog descended on a dusty dawn
When the sky shone colorless before the sun could rise
And the tall trees shrouded themselves in pallid clouds

We had the air of Christmas
When the mist hid the houses from our view
When the cold dry air hugged our ashen faces
And paused, in transit to crack our rosy lips

We had our own nice Christmas
When greeting cards hung from curtain drapes
When hampers arrived laden with delicious delicacies
And pots cooked chicken instead of beef

We had our feel of Christmas
When the hawkers peddled bright stringy decorations
When the streets rang with yuletide music
And plastic trees shone with twinkling lights

So when children sing of snow and cold and frost
Of silent nights and holy lights
I remember that though we watched the King’s College Boys choir
And hurried to see Santa in his grotto,
We had our African Christmas
And what a Christmas it was!

Written by: Olufunmilola Olubunmi Adeniran
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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