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www.facebook.com/WRRPoetry [Oh Soul, Why Death]
Happily I drew the dagger.
Merrily it dug, deep,
into my heart.
Oh God, why Love?

It signified a wager,
the extent of my love,
For indeed she owned my heart.
Oh Love, why Sacrifice?

Most beautiful she is, one of a kind.
Along with my heart,
I’d since denounced my mind.
Oh Sacrifice, why Price?

The most precious gift for her,
was my heart,
for she is as valued as it is.
Oh Price, why Payment..?

Never knew it’ll end:
To her, Agape Love
was what I gave.
Oh Payment, why Suffering?

With her only
is where my love resides.
without her my life may end.
Oh Suffering, why Weakness?

The dagger I forcefully removed,
thrown into the open,
gained by someone else in form of thrift.
Oh Weakness, why Torment?

Now I carry a weak,
fragile heart,
painful pit like hole.
Oh Torment, why Pain?

If I had known,
I wouldn’t have drawn the dagger,
and I wouldn’t now stagger.
Oh Pain, why me, a Mortal?

I search faces,
faces that pass,
that pass me by.
Oh Mortal, why Revenge?

…With hope
that one day
I’ll come by your face?
Oh Revenge, why War?

I’ve since never done so,
but its sure
I will keep searching.
Oh War, why Victim?

To you my reader,
when it come to love,
please beware.
Oh Victim, why Emotion?

At its exit,
it doesn’t leave behind,
it’s care.
Oh Emotion, why Feeling?

I loved her before,
and I’ll love her,
forever more.
Oh Feeling, why Hope?

Can I ever love,
any other?
No! None, can I ever love enough.
Oh Hope, why Dream?

The Deep hole,
in my heart,
has refused to heal.
Oh Dream, why Me?

Please heal my heart,
so I can live,
to see her again.
Oh Me, why Her?

The pain,
the worst feeling,
when will I get better?
Oh Her, why my Mind?

I’m sorry for myself,
so sorry for this love,
so full of misfortune.
Oh Mind, why my Soul?

I hope this hunch of mine is right.
It keeps saying I’ll meet her,
maybe before I die.
Oh Soul, why Death?

Written by: Ola Writes
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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