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Read Time:45 Second [Oh! Elite]
Oh Elite! You the shining light of today
Blessed with riches (yours alone you say)
Life genuflects and offers you pleasantries
Sauntering across Life’s witty boundaries
Will you continue to stare we that eat hay?

We rendered prayers
We offered alms
We centered passions
We gathered courage

How pathetic. My soul cowers!
Tell me, if you know this mystery;
Why do we still wallow in misery?
In a country like ours,
Blessed with resources like rain showers

Our emotions battered
Our yearnings bewildered
Our pains stoked
Our panting buffered

While you drop on us your shit
Our leaders of tomorrow
Wallow in self pity and sorrow
See them roaming the streets
Nuisances fermenting heat…

Oh Elite! The power is in your hands;
Rebrand the nation, and heal our land!

Written by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson