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If I marry you, not of love but of pity,
And with you I face the altar to declare this union
As a reward for how you‘ve cherished me,
My flesh may bond into this sacred institution,
But my soul‘s emotion-may never be near!
My words may oath with thee, with divine promise,
But absent may be my love, my comfort and care!
For love shall come to take the seat of justice,
And this-eternal bond shall be thirsty of peace!

If my tender heart is grieved by compassion
And I call it a feeling for an ordained mystery,
Of a bond and a life, a love and union,
Then, I am a wanderer in the service of charity!
Between two is a motion, only if they agree,
But tearful-mirth is the fate of an unequal couple.
This spell is everlasting between you and me,
If we, in greed, choose to be sorrowful!

Written by: Gabriel Gabbycapable
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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