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I am the First Accused

the question of violence

I planned sabotage

I did not plan it in a spirit of recklessness
nor because I have any
of violence

a calm and sober assessment of the political situation

years of tyranny, exploitation, and oppression of my people

violence by the African people had become inevitable

without violence there would be no way
to succeed
white supremacy

We chose to defy the law

to answer violence with violence

South Africa belongs to all

In the words of my leader:
“What have been the fruits of moderation?

No self-respecting White political organization
would disband
itself if declared illegal by a government in which it had no say

It would be unrealistic
to continue preaching peace and non-violence
when the Government met our peaceful demands with force

Manifesto of Umkhonto
“The time comes in the life of any nation
where there are only two choices–submit or fight.
That time has now come to South Africa.
We have no choice but to hit back
by all means in our power
in defense of
our people
our future and
our freedom”

the ANC
would no longer disapprove of properly controlled violence

when we decided to adopt violence
we realized that we might one day
face the prospect of

Four forms of violence:
guerrilla warfare
open revolution

to reconsider their position

on the economic life-lines of the country
on Government buildings
symbols of apartheid

a source of inspiration to our people

strict instructions
that on no account were they to injure or kill people

and people began to speculate on how soon freedom would be obtained

we must succeed, but at what cost to ourselves and the rest of the country?

African Nationalism
is not
expressed in the cry, Drive the White man into the sea
African Nationalism
the concept of freedom and fulfillment for the African people

rebellion would offer the Government limitless opportunities
for the indiscriminate slaughter of our people

I started to
study of the art of war and revolution

Mao Tse Tung
Che Guevara

white supremacy implies black inferiority

they do not realize that they
have emotions–that they fall in love
like white people do

we want equal political rights
I know this sounds revolutionary
This makes the white man fear democracy

I have fought
against white domination
against black domination

a democratic and free society
an ideal which I hope to live for and to achieve
an ideal for which I am prepared to die

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    Adieu Tata!

    From the trouble waters
    An icon of hope

    An icon of hope

    Clogging your nostrils

    And the cowardly man-hunters

    Aiding your perch on anthills;

    Your kicked bucket spill

    Tears of ceaseless joy,

    Like the pregnant [1]Amanzimtoti;

    Freely lending your mouth

    To the boughs of the Indian Ocean

    Adieu Madiba!

    From the scourge of [2]Rolihlahla

    To the boon of the people’s [3]Tata,

    You jilted the ignoble splendor of wigs

    For the more noble regalia of twigs;

    The magnified crown of [4]Thembu,

    For the miniaturized gown of [5]Robben Island,

    Gulping the brutal pills of oppression

    That we may gain freedom, from the cuffs

    Of racism; and the manacles of injustice

    Adieu Tata Madiba!

    Fort-Hare and Beaufort, trumpet adieu!

    To the resilient Negro of anti-apartheid

    The one-man soldier of pro-liberation,

    Whose cannons of candled peace

    Voyaged beyond borders of the Atlantic;

    Whose manured sweat wattled sterile-deserts

    Into manicured springs of watered fertile-forests

    Adieu Mandela! Your demise gladdens my heart

    Cos you left for me, no stone yet unturned.

    Eulogy in honour of the great Madiba; the father of African pro-liberation (Nelson Mandela: 18 July 1918 – 5 December 2013), on his glorious exit to the great beyond. Tata Madiba, I rejoice at your demise b‘cos you left for me, no stone yet unturned.

    ©Iyeomoan Ema-Zogie; University of Benin, Nigeria.

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