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Read Time:39 Second [Ndu Ka’aku]
*Ndu k’aku, lets live and let live.
My dear **Adaku, I leave your bee hive.

I sing to the god of my belly.
I’ll be loud and roar! I’ll be merry!

What ails you woman?!
Be calm! I’m the Man!

+Ndi-moto can ride on!
++Ye m nkwobi na afo-anu(man)!

Ah….ndu k’aku ***nwanne
To mirth I won’t say nay!

*life is greater than wealth
**an Igbo name for first daughters
***child of my mother/sibling(used to show endearment to friends too)
+car owners/rich folks
++give me nkwobi (an igbo soup,popularly served at local bars) and afo anu (man)(fleshy part of meat)

Written by: Chizu Ogbonna
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson