‘NATURE IS INJURED’ & ‘WHEN THEY ASK ME HOW I SURVIVED’ (two poems by Adeyeye James Oluwatobi)

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Before you study the world Around you
Study yourself
Because You're a library filled with diverse books
Some days you are a book with dark lines - unknown to the world
&other days you're the sun in the faces of youngsters
Learning to spell survival
Before you dig into things around you
Dig into your own body & look for escape routes
For days you'll be confined to rooms filled
 with broken voices
 for days you will be left to write tests
 on the canvas of emptiness  
Because the world Around you is wounded too
& you run to her everyday // for cure

I mean              I do not sleep &        
                          wake with the
                           weight fear drops       
                             on my shoulders
I mean           each time darkness grabbed  me by my wears I gave it to her & ran away naked
I mean       I run back into myself whenever uncertainty fills the street with broken dreams & psalms of sorrow sweeps the streets
  Is nature not too beautiful to be stranded of hope & faith?
 I have learned to hide my grief grief inside lyrics of beautiful voices
When they asked me how I survived
  I told them broken things are beautiful, like the recoil of a gun, like season change,
Like the birth of newness
after the death of dreams
I know when to lean on water & be quenched of pain
Because the world is fire & we are flowers

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