MYSTERY OF TWO SOULS by Abiola Inioluwa Oluwaseun

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What if I am just a man burdened with two personalites?
What if those double figures are of adverse nationalities?
What if one is chirpy and the other is a mundane?
what if one is aggravating and the other is tender?

What If love is concealed in one’s heart in the anatomy of a woman
and the other can hardly perceive the voice of passion in human?
What if my real self wields a gracious heart
and the gods welded for the other a frigid heart?

What If one is culturally moral
and the other bears a grudge with tradition?
What if the Sun ill-defined one’s sight
and what if the Moon sprinkles upon the other’s shadow, an affectionate light?

What if the song my bravery sang arouses my father’s belief
and what if to my father, my second’s dream lacks a tenacious feather?
What If love is just a song and I am the parrot singing to the world,
And what if my identical heart cannot do without spitting venoms on love’s face?
What if we both crumble at the doorstep of a princess’ heart?

What if misery parades through my veins through injected memories?
What if my meditation became a potter, molding a distinct soul in the same body,
A soul that has sworn an alliegiance to luxury?
What if jealousy became a referee as we combat for love?
What is the fate of this so called castle, our body?

What if out of the same fountain,
two streams flowing beside a silent mountain,
The sacred dream and this tainted vision?
What If my muse is meant to slain the longing of two scriptures
at the same Instance.
What if I am just a man with double soul in one hood?

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