MORALS (by Psalmwell Samshizle Enobakhare)

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Its the best cloth in my closet,
And what I like most about it
Is its invisibility!

Though when I wear it
You cannot see it,
It’s mystical, it’s good.

My Mother bought it for me
When I was old enough
To know right from wrong.

When I have it on
I’m the people’s favorite
And smiling faces beam
From right left and centre,
Marveling at how it fits me.

They say,
“You need to put this on all the time.’

Once I tried slipping out of it.
But I found out, painfully too,
That the favors, the smiles
And every good thing it brought
Were also slipping away!

So I quickly put it back on!

It’s what I’m wearing,
Right here and now,
And I’m never going to take it off again!

The best asset I possess!

meet the poet: Psalmwell SamshizLe Enobakhare

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