LULLABY by Stanley Egeonu

Read Time:39 Second

By and by you lit up my world
Rock my sky and scare the numb
Brighten my cloud like the sunset
With the dazzling sparkles in your eyes

When I’m down your gem holds
Your energies sent from above
Cute diamond of night bliss
In your bones rest my lost ribs

A moment without you my heart ache
Your present where my wits lays
Deep your ocean I’m breathing fine
With my wings we’ll tour wide

Kisses to brave queen Humphrey
I’m the lion and you my tigress
Side by side we conquer the forest
In my empire Regine’s your fortress

l give Ceaser the coins he owns
As a pizza you quench my hole
My pillar in midst of the quake
By your side I’ll wake a break

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