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Read Time:1 Minute, 6 Second [Love Without End]
My love for you is to the end of time
Its more than the treasures in Solomon’s mine
Your love is ‘concer’ than fermented palmwine
It makes me full… I never need to dine

You give me courage day and night
You defend me like Camelot’s knights
You overlook my mistakes when I’m not right
You scare away my darkness with your light

Your voice reminds me of angels
It erases memories of the pain of the Agiels
Strengthened by you, I’m no more fragile
So I walk around proud, bold and agile

Since when we met, I knew you are the one
The only one that could make me warm
I’m not like Panis Rahi who always transforms
I am truthful and plain, never changing forms

Lets write love’s song in rhymes and couplets
Lets sing of love stronger than Romeo and Juliet’s
We shall live in this world, to prosper together
Bound by this love we have for each other

Written by: Adeniji Olayemi
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson