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Love should be easy
I’ve read the tales
I’ve heard the songs

If love be easy
If it be missing you with every stroke of the clock
Then I love thee truly

If it be the butterflies
Invading my stomach
Then I love thee crazy

If it be the spark of electricity
At the touch of our hands
Then my love is not in paucity

If it be giving up some
That you have all
Then loving you is my plum

Tis not easy
My dear
Love is not all rosy

If it be easy
You won’t occupy hectres in my heart
But have no place in my life not so busy

If it be easy
My mind won’t be hazy
My thoughts won’t be fuzzy

If it be easy
My feelings won’t mess with my logic
And my logic won’t battle my feelings

Love should be easy
But so does calculus
They only drive one crazy

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I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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