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A group of misguided folks
Tread steadily down time’s slopes
Chanting in their misguided minds
A song for misguided souls
And chirping tunes, they rescind

Incredibly, they succeeded most of the Journey
Leaders trading blames, fighting for money
Citizens looking glum
Treating serious ‘ish’ as though it were funny
Such a careless slum!

”Bastard son of a thousand fathers”
Escaped the lips of the Leaders
Rather than be sad, the polity laughed
As though on overdose of cider
And to grammatical bombardments they clapped
A confused set of people
Overshadowed by constant evil
Still choose to throw parties
And throw pillows
With girls in panties

All in celebration of their ”INDEPENDENCE”
They renew talks of getting external DEPENDENCE
”Hear, Hear, America shall supply us crude”
Says his Eminence
Such a crazy dude!

A hungry man is an angry man,
But of these people, he’s the creative one
Who makes fun out of serious issues
Not minding its life span
Life span itself is such a cliché

And then there are the political strata
Chief is the key starter
‘‘Vote for me and I’ll give you constant light”
Their verbal power
Have become our right

This people
Are lost

Written by: Nonsopoet Chimnonso
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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