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“A cut or two; none too deep”

A bleed, a tear
None wasted
For erstwhile, our hands, we smear
With hope. Lie blasted

At the doors of truth and
Faith holds not a stare
Wherewith in Hope’s hand
We seem to bare

Our trust, our love
Now lost in lust
Shrivelled up in the grove
Of seductive busts

Of feet, soles
Running off to do wrong
And of young hearts, cold souls
Lost to death’s throng

Thereupon, strung out
Captured at the boulevard
Of sly touts
Who run muses like a bard

And a cut, a slash
A crack, a bang
A head to the wall, crash
Or of explosive clangs

A lost blackatunity
The unravelling exposition
Of a hidden mysteryn
That changes disposition…

But perhaps, Alas!
These souls are not all lost
Because, at last
Hope is worthy of trust

Written by: Covenant Chimnonso
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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