LOCKDOWN (a poem by Taofeeqah Adigun)

Read Time:2 Minute, 6 Second
 Ages ago, we craved the vision twenty-twenty.
It indeed came to send us to the great beyond,
In numbers more than two thousand and twenty.
A new year is born and with it, series of pandemics.
Not long after the portal to twenty-nineteen was shut,
We discovered one of the minions with us.
I sneezed and no one said 'bless you', it was strange.
Alas! It's the year mother earth chose to take a break.
When the mighty ones began to bend their knees to death,
The world stood still and held its breath.
Mother earth stopped for a sneeze,
And the whole world went to sleep.
The streets have become empty,
For staying home is the new staying healthy.
Everyone thought it was the end of the world but it wasn't,
For it came like a thief at night, taking both the holy and unholy.
We have become prisoners in our world,
Searching for hope behind closed doors.
Handshakes have become dangerous,
Avoiding people is the new cautious.
We isolate during the day and cluster at night,
Watching over lives and washing hands every time.
On and on, the year keeps running.
And every morning is a wake of new mournings.
No Sundays nor Mondays but the Sun and Moon,
Tuesdays are toxic as cases grow in twos.
We ask ourselves what to do on Wednesdays,
Tolls rise on Thursdays and fears on Fridays.
We stay home on Saturdays, 
Turning to social media for solace.
Schools are now very much empty,
The once packed holy lands are now deserted.
I never knew doing nothing could become tiring. 
That we could be at war without shots firing. 
But this is our new life now,
And we have to face this weapon-less chaos.
We realised amidst this turbulence,
We've been closing our eyes to violence.
For COVID-19 isn't the only pandemic.
Rape too is, and has always been.
Mum says it's all a blessing in disguise,
Brought upon us to purge and purify.
Teaching us to prioritize lives over things,
When COVID-19 gets defeated eventually

Taofeeqah Adigun, writer, calligrapher and a Mathematics buff, has a keen interest in languages, poetry and counselling. She is a 17 year old girl in her first year at the university. She hails from Osun State, Nigeria and lives in Ekiti state, Nigeria. Although a science student, she writes, designs and keeps journals.