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LETTER TO WIFY by Lebile Melt Tosin

Read Time:45 Second

Dear wify,
I’m not a saint
Only your love kept me on the road
It’s not easy to say yes and keep it
You need to let love burn or we freeze
Lets hold unto our beautiful name
Let our code remain a secret never to be tame
Create trust and let it stand
Don’t let the code break
It’s our breathing space
Oh wify,
My heart crown you as the most beautiful
I feel my babies bouncing without sex pool
I create future for you from onset
Let’s stand in love or we fade away
Let’s be united or we break to pieces
Golden wify,
Don’t walk on the red carpet
Soar with my bud of roses
Let truth kill our heart
Our home is made of ‘glassic’ diamond
Don’t let gossipers throw a stone
Let’s hold the code so strong
Because our future and generations depends on it

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