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The gunshot has been fired
The athletes have left the mark too:
The best was leading
His joy approaching
Suddenly, he is on the ground,
Falling and rolling
Ah! Someone pushed him…

Thus is the present day
Earth sinking deeper into bad waters
And dark hands
Who hold the knife
And hold the yam,
Where blind pilots cruise the plane
And spirits bribe
To hypnotize aspirants,
Where consciences are darkened
By assets and fame,
Where black is white
“But don’t get caught they”.

Shall we hold this baton
Which Fathers once held?
So let the cleansing begin
To purge away the maladies
Of stained yesterday,
Let’s play a new song
For the new dance of change,
The change we heartily hope for.

Let the cleansing begin.

Written by: Fubara Benstowe
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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