LET ME DIE by Abiola Inioluwa Oluwaseun

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Let me die

Tonight I wish to die,
I wish to die after beholding death unravel our posterity’s nudity.
I wish to halt my soul from beholding the parched bones of serenity,
Lying helplessly on sacred sands.

I wish my ear drums could be beaten to death,
Since sonorous sounds have seized from this jungle of doom
and shame is wrapped about Justice’s waist like ghosts wrapped in a solemn grave.

We offered words of sacrifice to our ancestors,
The words woven together with a thread of unity and needle of purity,
But the gods are busy breaking kolanut and drinking palmwine
with the ancestors of depravity and they have left us to push the wheelbarrows of a faithless fate.

It was just yesterday, when my tears gathered around for a meeting after
seeing butchered skulls of brothers and bleeding breasts of sisters
lying helplessly on a cursed ground.
I saw bombs making mockery of their pains and agony,
Still, they never stopped booming the rudiments of doom into the dumb atmosphere.

Let me die before our faith is finally murdered by this fate.
This fate that has sealed the lips of my father since the day
he watched my mother being carried into slavery’s arm,
He was amazed to see the parasites we call our leaders watch
as his hope was left dim without enough palm oil to fuel its sustenance.

That was all i saw as my sister was left disabled to satisfy their pleasure,
Though in return, they satisfied her with an intense pressure,
Leaving her to the care of ruin.

Just like they promised,
We felt they were going to stop slamming our fragile hearts
with the sledge of superiority,
But beside the walls of their conscience are grown
trees of hypocrisy, where birds with black scars perches till night retires.

Let me die before the moon gets slain,
so I won’t be there to witness the night hosts
gather to mourn her demise.
Let me die to live in another world, a world
where I can wield peace at my right palm
and seat on the throne of serenity.

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