KNOW ‘NO’ by Christopher Titus

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Life’s journey is like in jail
At times, it seems you’re on hell
Work as an elephant
But feed as though a snail
Know no but say no to its tales

When life’s path bends
Many think it’s the end
Some relents in trying
Sits and wail all day and night
Yet no tears gathered in the pail

After many years of tears
With much fear but little to share
Nothing is found in your mail
At least to send to the world
Know no but say no to no

Be strong never to fail before
You get to the rail of your realm
Remember, Armstrong worked so hard
Never to be the tail
He knew no and said no to no

I may fail not once or twice
But if I say no to failure
That’s a yes to success
For failure with courage
Is what sharpens our knowledge
With little leisure
We rise above life’s pressure

If only one knows no and
When to say yes or no to no
Believe me, no nail will be too hard to break
For if you trail and sail through life
Learn to know no and saying no to no

As I leaned again on life’s rail
With a pair of ups and down
No bed of roses but to say the least
Because life itself is not made of roses
With its tosses and losses
I recalled no and said no
Then I discovered how rosy life becomes.

KNOW ‘NO’ by Christopher Titus