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Light streams pervades the gloom
Where I laid my soul’s dome
New rays that caress that lonely hearth
Where I sought escape from doom

Clarity awoke to clear my sorrow binge
Lending my longing soul, flight of wings
Hastily, to meet my morrow I glide
For the loveless present I dearly dread

When desperate toil turns no to bread
And I walk where heroes fear to thread
Where my lonesome innards thinks to bust
I think in your powdery shimmer I’d turn to dust

Before the noose tightens in times clock
Around the neck that bear my destiny
To rivers of fate my chi flies in inquest
Of karma ask, why torment be my wage

The answer binds me more to pain
Wedged already as I am
In the merciless turning of Karma’s wheel
A soul trapped in a pattern already laid

Written by: Mazi Chiagozie F. Nwonmu

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