JUSTIFIED CRIME: by Abiola Inioluwa Oluwaseun

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Hey Mr President
I’ve been jailed for crime and immorality,
Yes I am guilty, that’s the truth
But if it wasn’t you who made me this way
Nail me to the cross!

My destiny was wounded,
She screamed for help but no one heed,
Now that she’s lifeless
I’m left without a light on my future path
Yes I am guilty, but if you are faultless,
Pls Nail me to the cross.

I have stolen smiles and have traded them
with wailing wrinkles.
I have butchered fortunes of many
And strangled lights of countless souls
Till they can no more frighten darkness.
I ain’t ashamed of this,I kill to survive,
But if you’re any better,
Then nail me to the cross.

Will you deny it?
Shall we ask mother Nigeria?
If you’re really a patriotic son of hers?
Shall we ask the gods if your blood
Isn’t contaminated with treachery?
Shall we ask her
If you haven’t kidnapped her affluence and posterity?

Listen liar!
Shall we ask nature
How our money walked away without legs
To a strange land?
Shall we ask her
How dignity was ravished by your hypocrisy
Till her breathe was absorbed by the winds?
Shall we?

I’m not done here Mr Man!
Shall we ask the moon?
Fortnights ago, who you buried behind
Unity’s vicinity to implicate her?
Shall we
Tell a tale to the world of how
You gave away our daughters to shekau
A good for nothing she-cow,
Still you gave hope to their mothers
With your alluring,dramatic words
“No need to worry”.

Tell me our difference!
Wait, we are indeed different, I’m not you,
I acknowledge my faults, do you?
Others pay with their days
For your wrong doings, right?
Listen, crucify me, but do not forget
That nemesis shall kiss you to doom,
Trust me, its the word of the gods.

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