IT’S YOURS by Oku-ola Abiola Paul

Read Time:47 Second [It’s Yours]
It’s your land
You have no other ground
It’s your country
You have no other territory
It’s your nation
You owe it your obligation

See it as yours
Not theirs
As your mother’s
And your father’s

You may travel to many countries
Marry their ladies
Win their visas
And claim you are theirs
A citizen of two countries
An indigene of two territories

But when there is separation of the wheat
And the sheep is called to the right
Then you’ll know that there is nowhere on earth
Better than the country of your birth

Nigeria is yours
It’s my father’s and mother’s
So let’s come together
And lift her higher
Let’s put her first
Before our personal interest
Then the Nigeria we long to behold
Will before us unfold

Written by: Oku-ola Paul Abiola
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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