Read Time:45 Second [INHERENT IN ME]
Oh garden of Eden
That had that irresistible tree
From which they ate that fruit
And made me a man of two thoughts.

I was denied the pleasures in Eden
But I must miss not the treasures up high.
So, my ways must be right till then.
With the life of my Saviour, mine must rhyme.

For I won’t let my good
Sell its birthright
For mere plate of pottage
Just to let evil prevail and take charge.

Why should hatred rape the Love in me
And make me akin to a hypocrite
When I’m capable of bearing good fruits?
Fruits that will last.

My life must swagger in holiness
On the pathway of good deeds
While sin stagger into that bottomless pit
Making holiness inherent in me.

Written by: Okeme Jerome Akpevwe

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