ÌGBORÀN (OBEDIENCE) by Olusegun M. Lawal

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Three brothers beautiful blood
Soaring species and no blaming course
Fossil religion? Not at all
Within us Love and Peace reigns

In togetherness they built their future
In dreams their fertile soar with sound seeds
In the myth of their elder’s
kola nut
Strong and agile their younger generation learn

Name of the birds they know
Highest mountains they climb
Folktales under the moon
smilling faces below the stars

Sacred place they make it pure
Singing and dancing they know it all
With their proverbs and pithy sayings
A well brought up child occupied their land

In there liturgies and shrines
The unknown heeds to their call
The sun did not let them down
Even the yam, king of all crops

Suddenly there was darkness
Darkness in white collar’s cloth
Raped their soul and their sons
Even poison their ancestors

Primitive…they called them all
Stone and wood? Not at all
Come along we will make you strong
So take this book and swallow them all

Soul is deceptive in the presence of truth
In general…they marry along
Greek’s gift they never think
And like child disease, they spread all over the land

The ancestors got angry
Seasons no longer listen again
Children disobey their natural gods
And things starts falling apart

The little grow up to like the strange gods
Their vexation land cries along
“When you take a man’s language” the foreign said,
“Their entire being becomes useless” you know.

The little wise among them
Consult and appease the gods
“For the clans to smile again”
You must abandon their gods.


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