IF BLACK… by by Lebile Melt Tosin

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if the black doesn’t forgive
there would be war forever
if we don’t forget
blood would paste our road
if the black don’t believe
to build faith admits molestation
if they don’t…………..
no white would walk alive

if the black don’t forget
how they hang our fore fathers
if we don’t forgive
how they forcefully take our inheritance
if we don’t believe
in freedom and be ready to spill our blood
if the past is not past
no white would thread on our land

if the black don’t forgive
how they made us forsake our gods
as they hang on theirs to inflicts pains
if we don’t forget
how they turn our brothers against us
if we don’t cry it out
the blood of fetus that spill our soil
we would still harbour evil
and take life for life

even when we forgive
when we forget all
they still open us with bullet
take the creation of Creator for ape
I don’t know what born racism
jealousy or power
yet we remain black
strong and ready to sacrifice
we sing freedom
we lose bloods
yet won our right
but if we live in the past
and shadow our heart with darkness
white would die on our street

IF BLACK… by by Lebile Melt Tosin

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