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Dust kissed the sole of my feet
as I trod upon the ground valiantly
a herculean task was set before me
I peered into my heart
and courage was visible
I peeked at a mirror
and I saw a fidgeting image
whose image was it?
I battled in a bottle
filled with mixture of fear and courage
I had to sieve
or subdue one for the other
but every attempt to implement
the element of decisiveness
left me sitting on a fence.
The battle called unto me
when I refused to confront
it drew nigh
barking like a dog
Afflicted with insanity
I was humming
yes, I was
tension at attention
but fear thrown in detention.
Courage assaulted fear within me
I pulled away from despair
I repaired the damaged faith
by damaging self-pity
joy was ignited
when worries were switched off
my soul freed
my body freed
I had won the greatest battle
I won myself to be myself.

Kolade Olanrewaju Freedom is a poet born in Osun State, Nigeria. At about age six, Olanrewaju became conscious of the odds that could make or mar. His deep observation of life gave birth to his writing life.

As a child, unlike his peers, Olanrewaju spent time alone to engage in logical thoughts that pushed him to grab the pen as he sought to express his inner feelings.

He adopted the nickname “Freedom” to emphasize that his literary works are oblivious to restriction and destructive criticism. His literary works have been featured in international anthologies including; United We Stand, April

Rains, Twist of Fate, Heavens Above Poetry Below; magazines and blogs.

Kolade’s poem ‘Bent But Not Broken’ won the first edition of Write Share Be Read Competition (Catoegory A) and was published on Female First (a popular U.K online magazine).

Kolade is an active member of poplar social reorientation poetry forum, Word Rhymes & Rhythm poetry family, a healthy platform for established and upcoming poets to make their voices audible.

His recently published poetry collection, The Light Bearers, is evidently the product reflection, expression and inspiration.

“The Light Bearer is a collection of poems designed to educate, motivate, transform, inform, comfort, entertain, inspire and illuminate readers. The poems are products of logical reasoning, inspiration and reflection.”

It is unique for its rich and beautiful contents that portray Kolade’s poet’s soulfulness, wittiness and eloquence. It is apt for all classes of readers due to its coherent nature; simplicity is portrayed in order to make book universally impactful and accepted.

Issues regarding life, marriage, love, politics, social change, culture, peace and religion among others are addressed in book. So look no further for a book that answers all your nagging questions, the answer is contained here: mysteries are unveiled, the unknown are made known, the potency of poetry is vividly revealed and the effectiveness of words portrayed.

He says: “Words can be swords, but swords can never be words. Light your path, light your soul, light your body and light your thoughts by getting a copy of this book.

Welcome to Kolade’s illuminated world!!!”

THE LIGHT BEARER published by Nevermore Press, United States. The Kindle edition is available on Amazon. To get the kindle edition, CLICK HERE

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I am a member of the WRR editorial team.


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