I WANT CHANGE by Osho Samuel Adetunji

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Holders clasp light like a prisoner!
Darkness stares me in the face,
With a choir of generators groaning,
I want change!

Thieves coronated as Chiefs,
With pockets heavy with greed,
Rode men like horses!
I want change!

Our crude made us rude brothers!
Slaying compatriots with scarcity!
Yet it is our Black Gold!
I want change!

Eyes of education gorged out!
Graduates in a dance of shame!
Like men blindfolded by ignorance!
I want change!

The fragrance of job is strange!
Chased by able-bodied men,
Only few lay hold of it!
I want change!

Walls of our haven crumble,
Chants of extremists befuddle our ears,
Until our daughters were stolen!
I want change!

The river of peace licked by hatred!
Thirsty men pound their fists
Until their fits see drops of blood,
I want change!

Mosquitoes steal wings of Eagles,
Cruising the skies with pride,
While the owners perish in potholes!
I want change!

Natives camp like fugitives!
Scattered pieces of peace
Litter the mountains and valleys!
I want change!

Men on the hills,
Spit parcels of phlegm,
As dividends of democracy!
I want change!

Riches of the wealthy is out of reach,
Poverty pampers the pauper,
Until he snores in the snows of suffering!
I want change!

Thumbs laced with portions of power,
Submitted at the pool of polls!
Birthed drunkards in the Public square!
I want change!

Who knows the abode of change?
Searched the valleys and hilltops!
Is it not within you and I?
I want change!

Deep in the sockets of your eyes,
I see the scripts of change!
Live it out like a change!
For this is change – YOU!

Nigerian Poetry – I WANT CHANGE by Osho Samuel Adetunji


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