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I AM: by Ogoluwa Simon Ojewale

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I am a fusion of rhythm and creativity
My words emanate from the works of God’s activity

I am what happens when swag meets Christianity
My works are like filthy rags but my soul is not in vanity

I am a mixture of Christ’s love and power
Standing stronger than any living tower

I am an heir to God’s kingdom; Satan’s biggest rival
He flees at my voice and mourns at my arrival

I am a product of heaven without an expiring date
Manufactured by God from the walls of heaven’s gate

I am a testimony to God’s faithfulness and grace
For the rest of my life, I shall forever seek his face

I am a vessel, void of youthful exuberance
Principalities are bound by the proceedings of my utterance

I am a believer, redeemed by the cross
For I’ve been delivered by the supernatural boss

I am God’s chosen; cleansed by His son’s blood
My soul is purified, I become a young god

So when people ask me who I am
I tell them I’m the son of the I AM