HUMANITY by Joseph Omojuwa

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Humanity! Your friends are your foes.
I have witnessed the love that you share,
Not just the price to redeem their woes,
But you have built shelter for our heads.

Humanity! your foes are your only friend.
but you do not even pride your worth,
You Carried their pains on your head till the end.
You will not stop doing good at your hurt.

Humanity! What are you left with?
Where are your friends and or your foes?
Did they not preach you about Trust?
Will your eyes not see the pain behind betrayal?

Humanity! For How long will you cry?
For how long Shall you continue to bleed from the tender wipes of good deed?
For how long should I ask?
Why then should we do good?
Heaven, please tell.

HUMANITY by Joseph Omojuwa 

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