Read Time:40 Second [House Of Lies]
Was it not last August
With their sugary and honey tongues
They came to us peddling lies
We bought their falsehood!

“My people do not worry
You problems will soon be over”

Again for them we trooped out
In file, like ants on a mission
Our finger prints attested
Some paid with their blood!

Alas, we knew them not
For they were like the coconut
Hard, milk concealing fruit
But they had no milk, no truth…

Now they have saddled our horses
They have climbed the chariots
Forgetting their sworn vows
They swarm on falsehood

Like flies perching on rotten meat
They are of the house of lies!

Written by: Sleekpetr Ajiboye
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson