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Night turns to dark
Darkness changes to hell
I wonder what will make man stand
In this slippery race of grace
Nothing than for man to…
Hold on!

Even when the mighty men fall
And the weapon of war turns to flame
When hope fades away
And storms kick in
With failure surrounding like a wall
My friend…Just hold on!

When weeping is the only song
And disappointment blocks the medal’s way
When death presents a choice
And the grave offers a hideout
Your heart lacking strength
Never give up, just hold on!

Look on to Jesus
The beginner and the finisher of our faith
He felt it too on His way to the cross
And when the cup seemed unbearable
Guess what He did, do it too
My friend…Hold on!

Written by: Lebile Melt Tosin
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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