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I’ve watched the sun rise and set, morns and eves
Its orange display would hold me captive
Blissful breeze emanating from surrounding trees
Blows tenderly, never throws sand on me.

Those trees, timber farmers murdered for wood
Once proud tall trees green with life and food
Now unwillingly bow to the axe-men’s rage
Silently weeping, ere their graying into old age!

Once was a time I would behold this landscape,
Beautiful escarpment from high mountains, I would gape
At the heights and surface of the hills, valleys and planes
The rocks called up images to my mind, clear and plain.

It’s endless ability to provide fresh viewing pleasure
Aided and abetted me in times of pressure.
The very sight of the land lured me, and I could feel
It pulled me with its awesome, Edenic appeal.

Delightful times I spent in pools and brooks
Alas! Industrialization came, all it overtook!
So at its advance of this land and vegetation,
The brooks and my young trees faced annihilation

Today so much is being said of ‘green revolution’
As solution for global warming and an absolution
Though some would label nature as the accused
Man remains eternally guilty, of nature’s abuse!

Written by: Micheal Udenyi
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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