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When troubles come
I carry my phone to make emergency call
E dey show me battery low
Lait nor dey to charge my phone

Wen I call wit my MTN lain
“Number not available”
When I call with my GLO lain
“Sorry, try again later”
As I call wit my Airtel lain
“Number not responding”

Na dat tym I rememba my Divine numba
Di name of Jesus Christ
Original netwok wey no get rivalry
E nor get signal failure
Try again later no dey

Dat name Jesus Christ
Na divine netwok to hevun, e fast pass lait
E no get rivalry, e no get equality
No GSM for earth get pawa like dat name
No netwok for earth dey kamkpe like dat name
Na God speaking media!

I just dia am one hand
Fiam fiam fiam, e dey flow
Telephone to heaven
What a call divine!!!

Written by: Fred Oreva
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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